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BullFrog’s bfLEAP™ platform is one of the most innovative, technologically advanced analytics engines currently on market. It can be leveraged to increase odds of success at any stage of new therapeutics development.

Insufficient scalability and flexibility of digital analytics are two critical issues for researchers and clinicians today. Our bfLEAP™ is able to overcome these challenges, enabling precise identification of meaningful data for more agile drug development.

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Our AI/ML platform technology won
2018 Innovation of the year.

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Competitive Study

bfLEAP™ outperformed the Top 10 currently-used algorithms for scalable, multi-variate data analysis.

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BullFrog AI is deploying bfLEAP™ for use at several critical stages of development with the intention of streamlining data analytics in therapeutics development, decreasing the overall development costs by decreasing failure rates for new therapeutics, and impacting the lives of countless patients that may have otherwise not received the therapies they need.

Why is our platform superior?

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Able to analyze a terabyte of data in minutes

Scalable Data Analytics orange checkmark

Able to analyze big data, OR Analyze ‘short and wide’ data sets (shallow, high-dimensional data, high heterogeneity)

Next-generation Parallel Computing orange checkmark

Over 200 different algorithmic models; able to analyze quantitative and categorical data in the same environment

Unsupervised Machine Learning orange checkmark

bfLEAP™ is able to provide minimal signatures for maximal outcomes in multidimensional clinical trials

Proprietary Clustering Algorithms orange checkmark

Find non-linear, multi-variate relationships in large, highly complex data sets

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We can perform our analysis and provide you detailed findings in as little as 30 days. No other AI is as fast or precise.

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